How to Use O by Dani Pepper

If you just ordered O by Dani Pepper for the first time, we know you can’t wait to enjoy it! If you’re just browsing here, then you might be curious as to how this product actually works. 
So, here’s everything you need to know about O by Dani Pepper! The world’s favorite orgasm enhancer! 

o by dani pepper

O by Dani Pepper is crafted to enhance orgasms. 

O by Dani Pepper is 100% plant based, made using organic ingredients, completely natural, lab tested and even water-based, which makes it safe to use with sex toys and latex condoms. 

Our award winning female scientists have formulated O by Dani Pepper to be in sync with the pH of your vagina.

We aim to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, with or without condoms.

Using solo or with a partner, apply a single pump to the clitoris and another to the inner labia – gently massage into these areas for several minutes.

Not only does this make foreplay or solo masturbation more sensual, but it allows our product to absorb into the tissues of your vulva, giving optimal results and leading to bigger, better, and stronger orgasms.

For the best results, we recommend allowing between 15-30 minutes for the enhancer to absorb efficiently to lead to a more fulfilling experience.


How to Use O by Dani Pepper - A Step By Step Guide

Step One:

Set the mood! 

Enjoy our sensitivity-enhancing lube solo or with a partner (or multiple partners!). 

Step Two: 

Apply a single pump of O directly to your clitoris.

Or use your partner’s finger to do so if you want to start foreplay straight away.

Then, apply another pump to your inner labia.

Massage our water-based, natural lube into these areas slowly for several minutes, allowing the lube to absorb into the tissues of the vulva. 

A quick and handy guide to the female anatomy to ensure you are applying our lube correctly.


The anatomy of a vagina

The vulva 

What you might be imagining as your vagina is more than likely your vulva, which includes all of the external parts, including the inner and outer lips.

The Labia Minora 

Otherwise known as your ‘inner lips’, the labia minora provides a layer of protection for your openings, as well as having oil glands that self-lubricate to keep you comfortable. Your inner labia may or may not be symmetrical – know that that is completely normal and that everybody is different. 

The Labia Majora 

Also known as the ‘outer lips’, this is what you see on the outside, and where pubic hair grows. Much like pubic hair, the labia majora is there to protect the more sensitive parts inside. 

The Clitoris and Clitoral Hood

Ah, the magic spot. The clitoris is a truly wonderful little thing that sits at the top of your external area when you spread the labia. It’s a little nub that feels like a little pea (though it can feel different from person to person), and has an incredible 6,000 nerve endings. This erogenous hot zone can lead to incredible orgasms when stimulated. 

The clitorial hood is there to protect the clitoris and to prevent irritation when you do not want to be sexually stimulated. This might sound confusing, but the clitoral hood knows what it’s doing – as it slides back to expose the clitoris when you are aroused.

And finally, the vagina

The vagina is a muscular tube that extends from the cervix to the vulva. Out of simplicity, we often refer to it as being the ‘whole thing’, but the female anatomy is a beautiful and complex piece of art with lots of individual areas that can be stimulated separately or altogether. 

Still feeling confused? Check out our diagram here: 

Step Three:

For best results using our orgasm enhancer you should wait 15-30 minutes before having sex or really starting to enjoy yourself.

This gives the lube enough time to absorb into the tissues of your vulva and inner labia, which can lead to more intense, longer-lasting orgasms (and who doesn’t want that?).

Step Four:

The key to using O by Dani Pepper is to make sure you’re having fun with it – and that you’re consenting to that, too.

After you’ve applied our CBD lube, and waited for it to absorb properly, go forth and enjoy yourself.

Dani Pepper is here to help you feel sexually fulfilled, empowered, and most importantly, sexy.

How to store O by Dani Pepper?

Once you’ve finished, make sure to store your bottle of O by Dani Pepper in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. 

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