O r g a s m

E N H A N C E M E N T  O I L

Dani Pepper’s all natural, luxury cannabis oil, designed to work in harmony with your body.
Infused with an intoxicating aphrodisiac essential oil blend, creating a seductive aroma to enhance your experience.

F r o n t  D o o r  R e l i e f

S U P P O S I T O R Y  F O R  R E L I E F
Dani Pepper Suppository’s are made with all natural and organic ingredients, designed  for women who need relief from menstrual pain, this delivery system is proven to provide quick source of comfort.

B a c k  D o o r  F u n

S U P P O S I T O R Y  F O R  F U N

Dani Pepper Suppository’s are made with all natural and organic ingredients, designed  for everyone to enjoy their next erotic experience.  Our proven delivery system invites a quicker uptake for your next adventure.

C O M I N G  S O O N !

We have new products coming out in the future, all the way from making your bath more relaxing to your new every day skincare!

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Why choose Dani Pepper?

Our products are backed by extensive research. They are formulated using all natural and organic ingredients ensuring highly effective products. Our lube is designed to enhance and improve sexual intimacy and to decrease pain and inflammation during intercourse. Natural cannabinoids when applied to sensual zones have been shown to increase blood flow and orgasmic potential and heighten sexual desire.

Our suppositories are designed to ease menstrual discomfort and painful intercourse. Some users in our trials also reported that they were able to fall asleep and get a more restful nights sleep after using the suppository.

How do I use the spray and suppositories?

Our THC Arousal Spray contains 2mg of THC per spray, as everyone’s experience with THC is unique, you may need to experiment to find the right strength for your personal preference. Start by applying 1-2 sprays directly inside the vagina, 1-2 sprays onto the clitoris, and you may spread the vaginal lips to apply 1-2 sprays each on the inner, and outer labia. We recommend allowing 15-60 minutes for full effects, many users report that waiting the full 1 hour can provide the best results.

For our suppositories, it may seem-self explanatory, we do reccommend reading the instructions provided in the package.

How do you know it works?

All of our products including our spray and suppositories have been designed by a team that consists of research scientists and medical doctors to ensure product safety and efficacy. We strive to have the best product on the market, all of our products are backed by in-home user trials where we have taken feedback from over 300 participants to ensure the consumer is not only satisfied but can’t wait to buy more.

What is the shelf-life of our products?

If our intamcy oil is stored in a cool dark place, the spray will last up to 1-year.

Our suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator, where it will last up to 1-year.

Will I experience any psyo-activity from our products?

Although our products contains THC, the intamcy oil when applied topically you will not notice psyco-activity unless you ingest, or use an excessive amount rectally.

For our suppositories, the cannabinoids actually bypass first pass metabolism when they are delivered rectally or vaginally. This means there are little-to-no psychoactive effects when using our suppositories. Consumers have reported an overall sense of “well-being” to describe the effects of these suppositories.

What time of day should I use this product?

Anytime! Our suppositories are formulated for safe day-time use, without causing any impairment so you can carry on with your daily tasks and responsibilities. Our consumers who suffer from insomnia have also reported that when taken just before bed-time, the suppositories helped them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.