Best CBD Lube Of 2024: 8 CBD-Infused Lubricants To Spice Up Your Love Life (Reviewed by an Expert)


Is there anything CBD cannot do? Since becoming legalized in 2018, CBD has appeared in virtually every kind of product conceivable and now there are even CBD products for the bedroom — or any location you deem appropriate for an erotic adventure.

CBD lubes take genuine cannabidiol and combine it with long-lasting lubricants for supplement that can alleviate discomfort and anxiety and elevate your sex life. These lubes are a cut above regular personal lubricants; not only can they make sex more comfortable for both partners, but the best CBD lubes will take your average run-of-the-mill orgasm and blow it out of the stratosphere.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD lube?

The vast majority of topical supplements are designed for outside the body. And yet, many of the worst pains and discomforts affect us on the inside. When it comes to women’s sexual health, most supplement suppliers turn a blind eye these discomforts, offering no solutions whatsoever. And then came CBD lube.

CBD lubes relax users, easing discomfort, but they do much, much more than that. CBD lubes provide lubrication that can out last your partner, setting the table for mind-blowing sex without interruption. The lubricants interact with endocannabinoid receptors and actually enhance your orgasm as a result making sex more enjoyable, reducing pain and inflammation afterwards.

Ready to learn about the earth shattering brands that will have you screaming to high heaven — we thought so.

The Best CBD Lubes of 2024: First Glance

  1. Dani Pepper
  2. Foria
  3. Privy Peach
  4. Kush Queen
  5. GoLove
  6. TOCA
  7. Glissant
  8. Quim

The Best CBD Lubes Review: The Top 8 Brands

We know — you’re used to articles that list the top 10 products but in this case there’s only 8 companies that rise to the occasion and provide what we would describe as the best CBD lubes.

Dani Pepper

Dani Pepper cares about your orgasm — it’s right there in the products they sell. While many CBD lubes come from brands who make a single lube and call it a day, Dani pepper carries 2 incredible products for incredible sex; Original CBD lube and O by Dani Pepper, an orgasm enhancer made from all natural ingredients. Customers can buy them separately or together in the Perfect O.

If you’re just looking for something to combat dryness or ease penetration, Dani Pepper’s Original CBD will exceed your expectations. The lube stimulates arousal whether applied inside or outside, on you or your partner. Ingredients include natural spring water, aloe vera, and vitamins to restore and nourish your body. A single bottle boasts 450 mg of CBD, designed to moisten and soothe, allowing your exhilaration to build until climax.

Speaking of climax — Dani Pepper O brings the benefits of a natural aphrodisiac in a water-based lubricant, heightening your sense of touch, while pushing away the fleeting thoughts that prevent you from staying in the moment. All products are created with a proprietary nanotechnology that increases absorption, allowing the CBD to penetrate the skin and get deep into the body. Dani Pepper Original lubes retails for $36.95 and O by Dani Pepper sells for $34.45. Bundle the products and you pay just $64.95.

There’s a lot to love — or lust — about these lubes, and all natural ingredients, sustainable practices of the brand, and a 30 day money back guarantee are the cherries on top. Dani Pepper also carries regular CBD suppositories and more common products like CBD oil tinctures and CBD gummies for customers who want to take CBD as a daily supplement.



  • 450 mg of nano CBD
  • Orgasm enhancer and lube
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Independent lab results
  • Long lasting lubrication


  • Only sold in select local stores



Any regular CBD lube shopper has come across Foria at one or another — the company’s roots in CBD lubes go back as far as 2013. Foria’s focus on women’s sexual health shines through in a product catalog that includes suppositories, bath salts, a lube for arousal and an Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD to ease penetration and combat vaginal dryness.

Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD is the signature offering from this brand and one of the best CBD lubes on the market. The lube is all natural leveraging a coconut oil base for added moisture, blending with 400 mg of broad spectrum CBD. Natural farming practices and no added parabens, dyes, or alcohols makes these lubes certifiably clean, perfect for a product that’s applied inside or outside.

There’s no doubt that Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD can amplify bedroom activity, but the $44 price tag for a 112 ml bottle is tall ask, and savvy customers will certainly find more affordable alternatives.



  • 400 mg of CBD
  • MCT coconut oil base
  • Natural ingredients


  • Expensive


Privy Peach

Like Dani Pepper, Privy Peach is a brand that curates a line of infused CBD products that excite the senses, as well as everyday CBD products for less exciting uses. In fact, Privy provides more than just lubricants as customers can purchase an array of innovative products to spice up their love life: aphrodisiac tinctures, lip butter, oils and creams.

Those seeking out the best CBD lubes for sex with a partner will want to try the CBD Intimate Oil and the Erotic Oil, both selling for premium prices at $45 and $48 a piece. Pricy Peach may help your sex life but value-minded shopper might take issue with the lower CBD content, just 300 mg and 180 mg respectively.

The erotic oil features CBD and botanicals such as cocoa butter, vanilla, jasmine, and lavender for an enticing scent and calming effects; for simpler ingredients, the Intimacy oil contains just filtered virgin coconut oil and broad spectrum CBD.



  • 300 mg of CBD
  • Intimacy and erotic oil
  • Various products for women’s sexual health


  • Expensive
  • Some formulas have low CBD content


Kush Queen

Looking for a CBD lube that will make you feel like royalty? Kush Queen’s premium brand approach will leave some customers in the cold due to high pricing, but those who love quality ingredients and silky smooth lubricants will absolutely adore the selection from this cutting edge supplier.

Kush Queen distributes a water-based CBD lube with 30 mg of cannabidiol per pump. While the $49.99 price tag might raise your eyebrows, the lubes perform as expected, going on smoothly and without any sticky sensation afterwards. This lube works well for men and women, and it’s safe to use with condoms, toys, or anything you have in mind.

Shoppers who love this lube can pick up a large sized bottle for $120 with 8 times the amount of normal bottle.



  • Water-based
  • Silky smooth


  • Expensive



GoLove doesn’t provide the vast options for CBD products as found on some competing websites, but their relatively small collection is worthy of mention. Shoppers can purchase toys or lubes through the brand but the products don’t come cheap.

CBD Intimate Serum from GoLove promotes comfort and pleasure, made with water-based lubricants and 200 mg of CBD from organic hemp. This lube has the potential to bring some serious satisfaction to your nighttime endeavors, but the $68 price won’t sit well with all shoppers.

Though the price won’t get your motor running, health conscious shoppers will rest easy knowing the product doesn’t contain any oil, alcohol, petrochemicals, silicone, glycol, parabens, dyes or any THC.



  • Natural
  • Water-based


  • Premium pricing
  • 200 mg of CBD


TOCA products are defined as plant-based and gender fluid. In a departure from many of their competitors, they create 2 distinct CBD lubes — TOTO and QULO — designed for different parts of the body: shoppers can buy CBD lube for vaginal or anal use, though the company specifies that both products should work well for either function.

TOTA warms on contact, increasing the production of the body’s natural lubricants, along with soothing pain and inflammation. The CBD isolate in the lubricants is bolstered by the additions of clary sage for cramping, rosehip seed oil for hydration, and helichrysum for antimicrobial properties. TOTA sells for $48, expensive, but a fair value for a product that can soothe aches and pains as well as provide stimulation.

Customers who love the formula can also try QULO for the same price, and the company suggests mixing the 2 formulas together for best results. Unfortunately, TOCA doesn’t offer accurate information about CBD content so it’s difficult to truly compare values against other suppliers.



  • 2 formulas
  • Naturals ingredients


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t list CBD content.



Glissant will dazzle even the most voracious customers with their exclusive collection of CBD intimates, available in products of every variety, with fragrant scents and boujee premium packaging. And befitting a charmed lifestyle, Glissant hosts a lineup of vacation products designed to enhance lavish trips to spas and hotels.

In keeping with the luxury theme, Glissant CBD lubes avail themselves to discerning customers — sold as water-based or oil based, as both sprays and traditional liquid lubricants, as single products or part of CBD bundles. The brand also creates a few formulas with CBG.

For all the appealing packaging and branding, the pricing and CBD content doesn’t quite measure up to the companies featured above. Glissant CBD lubes for intimacy banks a $55 price, and it only includes 100 mg of CBD in total.



  • Luxurious packaging
  • Multiple CBD lubes and enhancers


  • Expensive
  • Just 100 mg of CBD


Quim carries 4 CBD lubes, each consisting of a unique formula and a specific purpose. Shoppers have their pick of Happy, Smooth, Oh Yes, and Night moves — offering pain relief, relaxation, enhanced stimulation, and a proactive health solution.

Customers who shop at Quim have more selection but it’s important to note that some of these CBD lubes are lower in concentration than products from their competitors; the best CBD lube formula is Night Moves offering 350 mg of CBD in total, and most formulas have just 50 – 200 mg of CBD in all. Night Moves uses MCT oil and tea tree Oil for lubrication, and the recipe includes damiana, a mild psychedelic herb that could enhance touch.

Night Moves may take your nighttime rituals to new places but the $48 price point is a bit steep, and customers who are most concerned with CBD quantity will find better deals elsewhere.



  • 4 formulas
  • 350 mg
  • Damiana for touch


  • Expensive

How We Picked The Best CBD Lubes of 2024

Recognizing that most shoppers won’t have the chance to try every CBD lube on the market, we aimed to assess quality based on factors that matter the most to regular CBD lube users.


Money is such an uncomfortable subject and adding the cost of a new item to your regular shopping list can add some anxiety too. CBD lubes are technically premium from the word go, but they don’t have to break the bank. We ranked the best CBD lube suppliers first and foremost based on the cost of their products. If the greatest CBD lube in existence costs an arm and a leg, then you’re not going to use it.

CBD Content (Milligrams)

The CBD in your lube isn’t added as a novelty ingredient. To get the benefits of CBD, you’ll need enough milligrams for a real dose. However, many CBD lubes are simply too low in potency to provide a genuine dose, and as such, we gave a higher placement to the companies that included a generous amount of CBD in their formula.


Nano sounds like a buzzword or deceptive advertising, but it’s not. Companies make nano CBD by shrinking down the droplets to a size that can easily make it through the skin barrier — without this process, you’re just slathering ineffective CBD on your body. Whether you are applying CBD lube to yourself or your partner; if it’s not nano, it’s not getting through the skin.


Ridiculous as it is, some lubes are sticky. It really makes no sense how a company can push a sticky lube but any frequent shopper has experienced the letdown of a lube that doesn’t lubricate. All of the brands we selected offer real lubrication that won’t evaporate after a few minutes of foreplay. Many of the top brands actually warm with friction, upping your pleasure with every movement.

All Natural

Nobody wants to fill their body with preservatives and artificial ingredients. We exclusively picked CBD lubes that are made from all natural ingredients because when it comes to reproductive health, there’s no other choice.


Many of the best CBD lubes are sold without a guarantee but a few sterling suppliers actually guarantee satisfaction. We gave an edge to the companies that back their products with money back or satisfaction guarantees, because when you shop from a company that guarantees their products, you can return your purchase if you’re not totally blown away.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Lube

The benefits enjoyed by CBD lube customers go beyond just pleasure — though they certainly enhance your sense of touch and stimulate arousal. Painful sex is a big problem and one which is often overlooked, and this is where CBD lubes shine; they ease inflammation and relieve discomfort, transforming painful sex into a pleasurable experience. For couples, this can have wide-reaching impacts on the health of their relationship, leading to more intimacy and a better connection between partners.

CBD lube can also help with symptoms of menopause such as cramping or persistent dryness. As well, these incredible lubricants can relax the pelvis, reducing discomfort caused by penetration.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Lubes

How long does CBD lube take to work?

The natural lubricants contained in CBD lubes work on contact, offering instant lubrication and reducing painful friction. Absorbing CBD tends to take a bit longer — sometimes up to an hour — so you might not experience a reduction in inflammation immediately. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to apply a bit of CBD lube in advance of sex.

What does CBD lube feel like?

The answer depends on several factors, starting with whether you’re using a water or oil-based CBD lube. Many lubricants include ingredients for warming, others increase your sensitivity to touch. You can expect that most lubes will feel similar to premium lubricant that goes on silky smooth and reduces surface irritation.

Where can I buy CBD lube?

Shopping locally for CBD lubes could prove challenging in some parts of the country. Your best bet for ensuring that you revive the best CBD lube is to shop online through companies that produce them. This cuts out the middleman and can keep costs down.

Conclusion: The Best CBD Lube of 2024

A great lubricant can put a charge in a stagnant relationship. For women who suffer from painful penetration or vaginal dryness, a quality lube doesn’t just soothe these issues, it also helps with the anxiety that stems from these problems. There are some truly great options out there, but for price, quality and trust, there’s simply no lube that can hold up against the quality of Dani Pepper.

Dani Pepper’s Perfect O bundles an all natural CBD lube and an orgasm enhancer together for under $70 — you can buy them separately at the low cost of just $36.95 and $34.45; the cheapest of any product on the market. The 450 mg of CBD in the original sex oil is the highest concentration of nano CBD from any supplier, and it contains all natural ingredients for long-lasting lubrication.

The Dani Pepper brand has staked a claim as the most reputable CBD lube supplier and are featured across dozens of publications just like this; chances are, if you’ve searched for the best CBD lubes before then you’ve already heard of them. Whether you’re seeking a reprieve from pain or something to take your relationship to the next level, Dani Pepper CBD lubes are your best option in 2024.


Best CBD Lube Of 2024: 8 CBD-Infused Lubricants To Spice Up Your Love Life (Reviewed by an Expert)

Here's the best CBD Lube for Sex in 2024 - reviewed by an expert.


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