How CBD Suppositories Support Menstrual Pain Relief

How CBD Suppositories Support Menstrual Pain Relief

Everyone deserves great, pain-free sex. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Many women experience severe pain in their pelvic floor region which compromises their ability to enjoy sex and pleasure. Although sex can be possible for some women with chronic pelvic pain, it’s anything but ultimate, magical pleasure. Which is exactly what sex should be.

Penatrative sex whether vaginally or rectally deserves to be an act of unmatchable enjoyment for both or all parties involved. Pain during penetrative play can cause a number of additional issues from insecurity and discomfort to unwillingness to participate in sex. Women’s sexual health and pleasure is not just important, it’s imperative.

CBD Suppositories (and the best CBD lube) have been found by many women and researchers to help relax and soften the pelvic floor muscles to promote gratifying and pleasurable sex. Whether you suffer from chronic pelvic floor pain, want to venture into the region of anal sex or just want to enhance your playtime, CBD suppositories could be the perfect, natural solution for you. Below, we examine how CBD suppositories support pelvic pain and promote enjoyable sex. 

What Is A CBD Suppository?

CBD suppositories are small and dissolvable in design to be easily inserted into the vagina or rectum. Upon insertion into either area, the suppositories are swiftly absorbed and release healing properties from CBD oil. CBD suppositories are formulated to promote soothing, pain-relief abilities from broad-spectrum CBD. With quick absorption into the bloodstream, the effects of CBD rapidly provide instant relief to the pelvic region to relax the pelvic-floor muscles. 

Each Dani Pepper CBD Suppository contains 100 MG of CBD. The compound cannabinoids directly begin aiding the inflamed and irritated pelvic region to ease the rest of the body overall. The CBD is 100% organic, vegan and holistic, GMO-free and third-party lab tested to ensure your complete satisfaction, safety and comfort. Designed to help you manage pelvic pain more easily and enjoy sex without hindrance, CBD suppositories are a much more managable way to absorb CBD effectively.

Why Use CBD Suppositories For Pelvic Pain and Anal Sex?

Pelvic floor pain  can cause severe pain that is intermittent, dull body-aching, sharp pains or cramping and heaviness in the pelvic region. Not only does this issue cause daily frustrations, it can cause pain during your most intimate moments. Pain during intercourse is unfortunately a reality for many women with pelvic floor pain. Although there are a myriad of over-the-counter medications and supplements that claim to effectively treat this chronic pain and may do just that, they often evoke unfortunate and undesirable side effects. Furthermore, prescribed medications and treatments for pelvic pain may just relieve the pain itself without supporting sexual pleasure. CBD suppositories for pelvic pain help reduce stress and anxiety which can directly aggravate the symptoms of pelvic floor pain. This allows the pelvic floor region to relax its muscles and the vaginal walls to pulsate. The vagina walls are highly porous and absorb anything inserted into it swiftly. CBD suppositories work in conjunction with your body harmony to promote overall balance and will not alter your pH.

What about CBD suppositories for anal sex? Say vaginal penetration is still too painful for you or you prefer taking it from the back end- CBD suppositories are a truly optimal supportive solution. Many women have even reported having their first anal orgasm when using a CBD suppository. The supplement is designed to offer full body relaxation and promote maximum pleasure and pain relief when inserted into the anus to make anal sex magical. Anal sex can be quite intimidating for most women. It doesn’t have to be when you have the right support! CBD suppositories allow you to relax, relieve you of stress and reduce inflammation in the anal area for deep, enjoyable penetration. 

How Does Hemp Reduce Pelvic Floor Pain and Promote Enjoyable Sex?

The benefits of cannabinoids for women’s sexual health are boundless. Every human has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that has receptors which attach naturally with the healing properties of CBD. The ECS is activated by the endocannabinoids in the body and the phytocannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. Cannabis and hemp can be used as a therapeutic support to optimize general homeostasis and keep the body balanced and healthy. CBD also is well-known for its incredibly natural healing properties including:

1. Anti-Inflammatory

CBD has a number of anti-inflammatory properties beyond just reducing the development of inflammatory prostaglandins. CBD combats inflammation by impacting the ECS activity . It can regulate and help manage stress which triggers inflammation especially in sensitive areas included the pelvic and anal regions to allow them to de-contract. 

2. Pain- Relief

CBD is most popular for its pain-relief properties. Cannabinoids fight against prostaglandins and inflammatory molecules back desensitizing the nervous system. CBD targets nerve receptors that can decrease the feeling of pain and soothe the irritated area.

3. Muscle-Relaxing

When the pelvic floor is in pain, the pelvic muscles can contract. The pelvic floor is not relaxed and therefore causes discomfort to severe pain when anything is inserted. The same can be said with the rectum as, when the body is stressed, may to close up and block make it difficult to allow anything inside and have any pleasure. CBD can help relieve and relax these muscles to promote muscle relief and reduce tension.

4.  Vascular- Relaxing

The body’s blood vessels are also lined with muscle. When CBD activates, it can smooth the muscle and have it relax to increase natural blood glow. Increased blood flow could provide relief to the tissues and decrease pain and cramps.

Which CBD Suppository Is Right For Me?

Dani Pepper CBD Suppositories are a TIME Magazine award winning product designed to support pain-relief, manage stress and support calm and focus. It’s been used to support a women’s enjoyment during penetrative sex vaginally or anally. The CBD suppositories are also a natural, safe solution to help with chronic pelvic pain. Their CBD suppositories are fast-acting with 100 MG of CBD per suppository for the support you need!


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