The Top 10 Sex Positions for Female Pleasure

Best sex positions for female pleasure

Okay, so there seems to be about a zillion new sex positions to try these days. Whilst switching up positions and trying something new is always an exciting way to keep things fresh in the bedroom, it can be a little daunting trying to navigate them all for the first time.

No fear, ladies! If you’re wanting to try something new, this comprehensive little guide is going to be your best friend. This edition is going to especially focus on positions that really home in on female pleasure…

By the way, you’ll probably see the ole faithful positions omitted from this list. We’re not going to waste time telling you how good missionary or doggy style is… we know you already know that. 

So, get strapped in, read on, and get ready to take out the best CBD lube

  1. Cowgirl

So, a lot of women either love Cowgirl or they really don’t. Being on top can be daunting, especially if you have trouble with your self-confidence. However, we’re here to tell you that Cowgirl is seriously hot- and amazing for female pleasure! We promise, your partner would be ecstatic in this position, and it’ll feel amazing for you. 

How To: Once your partner is lying down, simply straddle them with one knee either side of their hips. Ease yourself onto them and find your own pace…

Hot Tips: For extra balance and support, you can lower your body onto your partners and use your hips to guide the penetration. This is a great way for your clitoris to be stimulated! If you’re feeling more confident, you can sit upright and have your partner play with your breasts and your clit. Amazing!

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is a popular variation of… well, Cowgirl! It’s essentially the same but in reverse (shocker!). 

How To: Whilst your partner is lying on their back, you can ease into the position on top of them. Facing their feet, place each knee either side of their legs and lower yourself onto them- your partner can hold your hips to help balance you (or you can hold their legs!). Lots of lube will help the process go smoothly.  

Hot Tips: What makes Reverse Cowgirl so good for female pleasure is that you are in total control. Your partner gets a great view, and you can call the shots. If you’re new to the position, you can put your hands on the bed to steady yourself. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can use your hands (or a toy) to get in some extra clitoral stimulation. 

  1. Side Saddle, or The Grinder

Side Saddle, or sometimes known as the Grinder, is an incredibly underappreciated sex position for female orgasms! 

How to: With your partner lying on their lack, face his feet and place one knee between his legs and the other knee over his leg (so, by his arm!). Have him gently raise/ bend his knee so you are straddling his thigh. Using lots of lube, gently lower yourself onto him. This may take a little manoeuvring between the both of you- but it’ll work!  

Hot Tips: Once you’re both comfortable and have a rhythm going, you can press yourself against his leg- using his thigh to stimulate your clitoris. This may take a bit of practice, but one you get into the swing of things, the joint pleasure of penetration and clitoral stimulation will feel incredible. 

  1. Spooning, or Cuddling

The Spooning position (or sometimes known as the Cuddling position) is a must-try for every couple… It’s so easy and incredibly intimate, it’ll definitely find it’s way into your favourite positions! 

How to: Both you and your partner lie sideways on the bed, facing the same way (cuddling as close as poss!). It can definitely be a little tricky to guide the penis in this position, but with a little lube you’ll be good to go in no time. 

Hot Tips: Once you’ve found a rhythm you both like, the options for pleasure are endless. Your partner can play with your breasts and nipples, kiss your neck, stimulate your clit… It’s really whatever you both enjoy. This position is so close and intimate and perfect for intense orgasms, all-round! 

  1. Collapsed Doggy Style, or Downward Doggy 

Okay, now this one is really good. It’s a variation on the classic Doggy Style that just makes it even better for female pleasure! 

How to: Get ready into traditional Doggy Style, except lay completely flat on your stomach. Your partner can guide their penis into you (this angle makes things a little tighter for them, too!) and basically do all the work. 

Hot Tips: We don’t mean to be lazy… but wow, this feels good! The pressure from laying on your stomach will stimulate your clitoris and is perfect for penetrative orgasms. Also, because you’re literally just laying down, there is nothing to think about other than how good this position feels.

  1. The Eagle 

This incredibly intense variation of Missionary will bring you deep penetrative pleasure! 

How to: From the Missionary position, simply bring both of your legs up in the air in a V-shaped position. If this is a little bit difficult at first, just try raising one leg to start with! 

Hot Tips: This position is intense and can bring on explosive penetrative orgasms (especially as your partners groin can stimulate your clitoris). If you really want to take it up a notch (and your flexible enough!) try holding your ankles whilst your legs are in the air. 

  1. The Bridge 

The Bridge is an incredible position for female pleasure. It may sound complicated, but once you’ve had a little practice, you’ll be loving it. 

How to: Simply lie on your back with both of your knees bent. Your partner needs to be positioned on their knees directly in front of you. Then, you raise your hips so they’re in their air, in line with your knees (use your arms on the bed to steady yourself!). Your partner can then enter you and hold onto your hips for stability. 

Hot Tips: This position is brilliant because it allows for really deep penetration and leaves lots of space for clitoral stimulation. If you’re feeling balanced enough, you can play with yourself, or your partner can do this for you! 

  1. The Lotus 

The Lotus is a seriously romantic position… and super easy to get into! 

How To: Your partner needs to sit cross-legged on the bed, you essentially sit on them, with your legs wrapping around them for support! With your arms, you hold onto each other and get into a rhythm you both enjoy.

Hot Tips: This position is seriously sexy… the closeness of your bodies is a brilliant way for the extra clitoral stimulation to bring you toward a powerful orgasm. 

  1. The Seated V

This position is similar to The Lotus but gives you and your partner a little more room for extra play. 

How To: Have your partner sit up-right with their legs extended, flat on the bed. Ease yourself directly on top of them, you can wrap your legs around their hips for further support! 

Hot Tip: This position is amazing as you are in control of the penetration. Your partner also has room to play with your breasts and clitoris in The Seated V… more pleasure for you! 

  1. Shower Sex

If you like things a little steamier… then shower sex is definitely for you. One thing we’d definitely suggest is investing in a non-slip shower matt. Shower sex won’t be sexy if one of you slips and hurts yourself! 

How To: Depending on your shower lay out, you can really have free reign here! You can try any positions that feel safe and comfortable and remember that penetration isn’t always the end game! Oral sex can be incredibly hot in the shower… try it out. 

Hot Tip: If you’re lucky enough to have a detachable shower head then… Well, do we even need to elaborate? Your partner can use it to drive you crazy, or you could always use it yourself during penetration… double-plus!

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