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The Dani Pepper Difference

Choose Dani Pepper for a richer & potent CBD experience. 

how to take cbd oil

It's easy to take CBD oil!

Squeeze the dropper to draw CBD oil while it's in the bottle.

Then, take the dropper out of the bottle & open your mouth

Gently squeeze the dropper and place your dose underneath your tongue.

Hold for 45 seconds prior to swallowing.

For best results take daily for at least 14 days and stick to a routine!

We recommend marking off on a calendar every-time you take your dose.

Using this sublingual method of CBD is one of the fastest ways for your body to feel the positive effects of CBD!

Benefits of Dani pepper

How does cbd oil work?

The fact that you feel anything at all from CBD is because you have an Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. Every mammal, from a kangaroo to a chimpanzee has an ECS. Scientists first discovered the ECS when examining how THC affects humans, way back in the 1970s. Endo means within, so we define the ECS as the cannabinoid system within our bodies.

Every cannabinoid in the hemp plant affects us in some way. But we are years, if not decades, away from understanding the complex relationship our bodies share with hemp. The latest research has traced CBD’s effects to two receptors in the ECS, known as CB1 and CB2. Scientists note that CBD interacts with these receptors less intensely than THC, which is why you do not feel high after consuming CBD.

Certificate of analysis

Our products are third-party lab tested by Samantha Miller PhD.

She's a pioneer in analytics and was given TIME magazine's top invention of 2016 award!

Samantha Miller founded Pure Analytics, a leader in product testing and safety screening.

Dani Pepper is a proud partner.

You'll also be able to verify the lab test of your product by visiting our dedicated lab test page.


Which product should I choose?
We’re proud to offer the widest range of CBD oils on the market. There’s a number of different products you can choose from and they come in different strengths, sizes and types of CBD. 
We recommend that you choose your dose based on how severe your symptoms are. 
Here’s a tip. If you’re suffering from mild symptoms, instead of buying a lower milligram product you can try a stronger CBD oil. Instead of taking a plunger full, just take fewer drops. You’ll save money in the long run.
What's the difference between full-spectrum and isolate products?
Full spectrum CBD means that more than one cannabinoid is present. You’ll experience the benefits of CBG, CBDa, CBN and more. The level of THC is limited to no more than 0.3%. You’ll also experience the benefits of terpenes such as Pinene, Linalool, Eugenol, Limonene, Myrcene, Eucalyptol, and beta-caryophyllene. As well as terpenes, you’ll experience polyphenols such as Cannflavin A, Cannflavin B, Lignanammides and Stilbenoid derivatives.
All these active compounds work together synergistically in what is known as the entourage effect. 
In contrast, Isolate CBD products only have CBD present because all other active compounds are filtered and processed out. As a result, these products have zero THC and other cannabinoids or terpenes. 
To provide additional benefits in isolate products, we offer a Harlequin Terpene Infused CBD oil.
When will my products arrive?

All orders are shipped out next day, Monday to Friday via USPS ground shipping. We strive to get your order to you as fast as possible.

What's in the contents of the package that I receive?
Dani Pepper CBD oil tinctures come with everything you need. The bottle is 30 mL and comes with a specialized dropper so that you can get a precise dose each time. You will also get instructions.
Each bottle is lab tested. This COA is the independent third-party lab results that verify what’s in the product. You will see the levels of CBD, THC, and other phytocannabinoids. You can also see that no residual pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins are present. Your health and safety are our number one priority, which is why we proudly display our lab results.
What is your return policy?

We’re confident that you’ll love our products. That’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Is your CBD oil vegan?

Yes. Dani Pepper CBD oil tinctures are vegan. They are made using natural ingredients and are suitable for a vegan diet.

Does Dani Pepper CBD use artificial ingredients?

No. Our range of tinctures do not contain any artificial ingredients. We are 100% sure that the products you receive will be among the best available on the market.

What are Dani Pepper CBD Oils made from?

We use the finest organic liquid coconut oil and hemp derived CBD!

How do I take CBD oil?

Taking our CBD tinctures is easy.

  1. First, squeeze the rubber top of the dropper to draw in a dose of the tincture into the shaft.

  2. Aim the opening tip under your tongue but be careful not to touch your tongue, or you may contaminate the oil.

  3. When ready, squeeze the rubber top again to release your dose and hold it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds,

  4. Swallow and enjoy the benefits of CBD!

Our tinctures don’t have an overwhelming taste like others on the market. Our organic coconut oil creates a pleasant, easy experience.

How much CBD oil should I take?

When shopping for CBD, you need to know how much cannabidiol the brand gives you. That’s because CBD has no standardized pricing. One product may give you a tenth the concentration for twice the price.

The easiest way to calculate CBD is per dose. Once you have that number, comparing one brand to another is very easy. Below, we’ll look at how to find out how much CBD per dose a typical tincture has, plus a calculation for edibles.

CBD Oil Per Dose

Put succinctly, to determine how much CBD oil you’re getting each time you consume it, you’ll need to divide the concentration of cannabidiol by the bottle’s content. Most bottles of CBD oil are 30ml, but double-check before going through with the napkin math. For a 500mg concentration, you would divide that number by 30 ml, which equals 17 mg, rounded up. So, for every 1ml of tincture, you’ll get 17mg. Here is the formula:

(Amount of CBD) / (size of bottle) = CBD Per Dose

Note that the standard size of the dropper included with your CBD oil, when full, contains 1 ml. You can therefore consider “per dose” to mean “per one dropper.”

What is the difference between CBD oils, CBD tinctures and CBD oil drops?

These are all different ways that refer to the same product. The correct technical term is a CBD oil tincture, but for short many people refer to this product as a CBD oil, a CBD tincture and even a CBD oil drop.

No matter what you call it, the product is administered in the same manner with a dropper underneath your tongue.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

People take CBD oils for many different reasons. To manage everyday stress, to try to sleep better, to manage pain or just because they’re health fanatics that want to improve their wellness. 

You can check out our 20,000 + reviews to see what people are using CBD for. 

We always encourage users looking for solutions to try CBD products for yourself, and then tell us about your experience.

Can I buy Dani Pepper in stores?

That’s a great question. Sometimes, you’d rather pop into a store and physically buy a product. However we recommend that you buy CBD oil online. This is because you’re able to compare the different brands out there, and also verify the contents of your purchase by looking at the third-party lab test.

We ship to all 50 states in America. The best place to buy Dani Pepper products is from the comfort of your home. Buying directly from us will mean that you’ll have access to the best deals, pricing and products!

You can safely buy CBD oils at the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Dani Pepper?
Dani Pepper is committed to setting the standard for plant-based health and wellness. We safely bring the therapeutic potential of CBD through innovation, transparency, expert analysis, and responsive customer service. 

Our products are accessible for any lifestyle at any budget. We pride ourselves in providing the best value in the industry -- that's the difference. 

We have 1000s of reviews on our product pages, here are a few for you to see:

  • Nicholas - “The best CBD hands down. No bad taste or smell, quality ingredients, perfect price
  • Ollie - “Dani Pepper has more than met my expectations I use the full-spectrum tincture twice a day and sometimes more if my day is getting away from me. For this price, I can afford to use it at this rate. Other companies are way overpriced and I just can’t ration CBD like that.
  • Georgie - "I’ve tried a few different CBD oils and Balance CBD made me convert. It’s so fairly priced and the CBD works. I’m calmer, which is saying a lot. People have noticed the difference."
Our customers love our products, they tell us they work and third parties constantly vote Dani Pepper amongst the best CBD oil brands in the country!


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