The Perfect “O” Bundle


Intimacy should be enjoyable for any woman, any time. Reach unbelievable pleasure and climax with the Dani Pepper “Original” Sex Oil. This all-natural, organic and plant- based sex oil is a designed to enhance arousal, pleasure and relieve discomfort associated with foreplay and penetrative sex.

Pleasure with no inhibitions- just the way it’s supposed to be. With the Dani Pepper “Original” Sex Oil, you’re sure to experience an exhilarating climatic sensation unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Developed with a fusion of organic ingredients and premium, American grown hemp CBD, the serum is incredibly smooth, silky and luxurious to the touch (and taste)!

Our hemp is USDA- certified, chemical-free and GMO-free to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Made by women, for women- the Dani Pepper “Original” Sex Oil is designed to moisten, soothe and exhilarate with each movement and application. This brilliant blend will revolutionize the way you reach pleasure.

Meticulously crafted for female pleasure, the Dani Pepper “Original” Sex Oil is also greatly loved by couples.

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