How to get your orgasms back on track when you’re close to giving up on masturbation

How to get your orgasms back on track when you’re close to giving up on masturbation

Have you been struggling to orgasm lately? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all go through a masturbation rut, and sadly it’s not very fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself going again.

Sometimes, we head straight to the vibrator for a quick and easy climax — but is it always as fulfilling as when you’re in the moment manually and you achieve this intense sensation of pleasure just by your own touch? Probably not.

At Dani Pepper, we’re all about manual orgasms — especially as we’ve designed our lube exactly for that. But how exactly can you get yourself ready to go manual again? How can you find the determination to get off without the handy vibrator? Well, we’re here to tell you.

Look at how you feel about masturbation

How do you really feel about masturbation? Do you see it as something shameful or secretive? Or do you see it as something that is empowering and causes you to fall in love with your body over and over again? Hopefully, it’s the latter. But if it’s not, try to examine your feelings. Why do you feel ashamed? Why do you feel like you have to hide the fact that you want to masturbate? Often, our emotions come into play when it comes to masturbation — and if you’re not totally ‘there’ mentally, it can affect the way you come.

While we aren’t mental health experts, it may be worth examining how you feel in therapy — or even better, with a sex therapist. Perhaps there are some deeper explanations as to why you’re shying away from masturbation and self-exploration. And maybe, it’ll lead you to realising that you are allowed to love your body in every single way — and to see yourself as a beautiful, sexual being.

Explore your own body

Learn what you like. Whether it’s clitoral stimulation or penetrative stimulation, use your fingers to explore your body, and to discover what makes you tick. Try to touch yourself in a variety of ways, whether that’s circular movements on the clitoris, or using your fingers to rub up and down your labia. Explore your vulva — and when you realize what you love, you can focus on that when masturbating, for a more intense orgasm. Plus, putting some of our Orgasm Enhancer lube on your labia and clitoris can make your orgasms even more intense and pleasurable. So why not try it out?

Do your research

There are so many tips on the internet when it comes to masturbation. Whether that’s from sex bloggers, sexperts or doctors, take a look on Google at all of the tips and techniques that are out there. Five minutes of reading could lead to years of incredible orgasms. And who doesn’t want that?

Try to put your imagination to good use

Sometimes, you can be stuck on what to think about during masturbation, and this can lead to an orgasm-block. Nobody wants that. Try to use your imagination. Think about past sexual experiences or crushes. Or even better, think about yourself and the sexual being you are.

Try dry solo-sex

If your fingers get tired, try some dry humping. Use a pillow or something soft and ride it, rubbing it on your clitoris for maximum stimulation. Dry humping probably hasn’t been on your mind since you were younger, or maybe you’ve never even done it before. But dry humping can be super pleasurable at any age, especially if you have a sensitive clitoris — as it can stimulate your clitoral hood and direct intense pleasure.

Try accessories specifically for solo masturbation (that aren’t vibrators)

Okay, it’s time to brag here. The Dani Pepper Orgasm Enhancer is super amazing, if we do say so ourselves. It can help you to achieve orgasm more quickly, more pleasurably, and more intensely. Simply rub it on your vulva, labia, and clitoris, and let the natural ingredients get to work. Try your best not to use a vibrator because you don’t want to become reliant on extra tools, because it can lead to your own fingers feeling like a foreign object and being unable to do the work themselves. But lubes can help you to feel wetter and more sensual, so they’re always an added bonus to any masturbation sesh.


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