Samantha Miller Chief Scientist

Samantha Miller
PhD, Biochecmist

Samantha is an internationally recognized biochemist, brand-builder and pioneering entrepreneur known for her expertise in cannabis and cannabinoid science. Founder of Pure Analytics Lab in Northern California in 2010, Samantha has been at the forefront of cannabis science and innovation for the last 10+ years. Merging her extensive background in product development with her deep understanding of cannabis therapeutics to develop the award winning dosist™ dose-controlled vaporizer product line as founding CSO of the brand. Her innovative work was recognized making TIME Magazine’s list of Top Inventions of 2016. Frequently called on for her perspective and knowledge and highlighted as a leading female executive in cannabis, Samantha can be found spotlighted in recent publications of Rolling Stone, The Verge and Marijuana Venture and is a sought-after speaker.

As the Founding Chief Science Officer of dosist Samantha was responsible for Product Design, Validation through patient trial, establishment of Supply Chain and Manufacturing partnership for dosist product 2016-2017. Designs, Mfg and Supply chain established sustained through 2019.

A Superlative Executive engaged in Marketing, Operational excellence, Operations, Finance and IT with experience spanning technical and consumer markets including new product development, enabling technology development and analytical instrumentation design., Samantha brings an enormous depth and breadth of capability to the table.

An innovator and well-respected scientist, Samantha maintains deep relationships with instrumentation companies such as Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer enabling information transfer, sales advantages and support priority from these crucial technology partners where her relationships were forged being a key technology and engineering partner in product development for those companies in her early career.

As a team leader, Samantha also innovates deploying a unique millennial focused management and reward structure with the ability to maximize productivity, engagement, loyalty and retainment.

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