How CBD Suppositories Support Menstrual Pain Relief

What does life look like during your period

Women are tough. Every month they endure a debilitating crimson wave that causes the most unpleasant cramping, nausea and mood swings. Yet, women always prevail through it. Their perseverance is admirable, however, women shouldn’t have to be trapped in such overwhelming pain. There are a myriad of advertised solutions on the market that claim to support and relieve menstrual pain. However, all too many of these “solutions” come with undesirable side effects or an unbelievably high price tag. CBD is a healthy, holistic alternative to these remedies that’s been touted by women and researchers alike for its pain relief abilities and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Whether you’re brand new to the CBD world or consider yourself a connoisseur of the compound, it’s time to look into how CBD can support you throughout your menstrual cycle. There are a number of ways to administer or apply CBD and CBD suppositories is one of them. Small in size, easy to administer and dissolve without issue, CBD suppositories are leading the period relief wave. Read on to learn more about how CBD suppositories support menstrual pain relief.

What Are CBD Suppositories?

Suppositories are essentially petite, round or cone-shaped objects that are inserted into the vagina. After insertion, they swiftly dissolve and release the healing effects of CBD oil which is then absorbed by the body. CBD suppositories then promote soothing, tension-reducing relief from broad-spectrum CBD. Dani Pepper CBD Suppositories are specifically formulated to be absorbed quickly by the body’s bloodstream for instant relief. 

Each suppository delivers 100 MG of CBD directly to the injured area inviting anti-inflammatory properties instantly and overall easing the body. The CBD is 100% organic, vegan and a third-party lab tested. In addition, they are designed to help manage everyday stress caused by your period, promote a sense of calm and restore focus. 

Why Use CBD Suppositories?

CBD suppositories are designed for easy insertion as they’re less than half the size of your pinky. That makes them even easier to insert than a tampon. According to Carolyn DeLucia, MD, FACOG, an Ob/ GYN who specializes in vaginal treatments including CBD solutions, “the vagina is an extremely great place to have anything absorbed into your system.” The reason is because the vaginal walls are extremely porous and anything inserted into it is absorbed directly and swiftly into the bloodstream. After inserting the CBD suppository, it dissolves and you can expect quick calming results and pain relief for cramps. 

CBD suppositories, especially Dani Pepper suppositories, work in harmony with the body. The product is made entirely with a blend of Pure Hemp Derived CBD and Organic Cocoa Butter. They will not alter your pH since CBD and cocoa butter are neutral and will not cause chemical interactions. Compared to other CBD tinctures, edibles and topicals, the suppositories trigger receptors much more efficiently. Many OTC products designed for period pain relief have chemicals that may disrupt overall health and unwanted side-effects.

CBD suppositories offer relief without harmful side effects. They work efficiently, effectively and naturally with complete support. CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and inhibits certain enzymes that promote contractions and menstrual pain.

How Does Hemp Reduce Menstrual Pain and Cramps?

The benefits of cannabinoids are endless. Each of us has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that contains certain receptors which attach naturally with the healing properties of CBD. The ECS is activated by the endocannabinoids in the body and the phytocannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. Cannabis and hemp can be used as a therapeutic support to optimize general  homeostasis and keep the body balanced. CBD also is well-known for its incredibly natural healing properties including:

1. Anti-Inflammatory

CBD has a number of anti-inflammatory properties beyond just reducing the development of inflammatory prostaglandins. CBD combats inflammation by impacting the ECS activity . It can regulate and help manage stress which triggers inflammation as well as promote proper sleep function and optimal immune-system response. 

2. Pain- Relief

CBD is widely used for its pain-relief properties. Cannabinoids fight against prostaglandins and inflammatory molecules back desensitizing the nervous system. CBD targets nerve receptors that can decrease the feeling of pain and soothe the irritated area.

3. Muscle-Relaxing

Menstrual cramps can certainly hinder one’s ability to move with ease due to contractions. The cramps are triggered by contractions of the uterus lining. CBD can help relieve and relax these muscles to promote muscle relief and reduce tension.

4.  Vascular- Relaxing

The body’s blood vessels are also lined with muscle. When CBD activates, it can smooth the muscle and have it relax to increase natural blood glow. Increased blood flow could provide relief to the tissues and decrease pain and cramps.

How Do I Use A CBD Suppository?

Before using your CBD suppository, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.

How To Use: 

During your menstrual cycle, you can use 1-2 suppositories daily. Wait at least 6 hours between each administration. Lay on your back in a comfortable position and insert the suppository using your finger deeply into the vagina. Allow yourself to sit and rest for about 10 to 20 minutes or longer depending on your comfort level. For more detailed information, you can read the CBD suppositories directions for simple and easy use and insertion.  

Which CBD Suppository Is Right For Me?

Dani Pepper CBD Suppositories are a TIME Magazine award winning product designed to support pain-relief, manage stress and support calm and focus. Not only is this product reputable and highly recommended, it is also incredibly affordable. Period pain relief should never break the bank. Dani Pepper understands that women deserve support, especially during the most difficult time of the month! Their CBD suppositories are fast-acting with 100 MG of CBD per suppository, Non-GMO, naturally and organically grown, vegan and lab-tested.

Get the menstrual support you deserve for a price you can afford! Dani Pepper CBD Suppositories are meticulously, third-party tested to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. 


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