Dani Pepper creates a unique experience offering sex, wellness, and lifestyle products and information with a sole focus on women in cannabis. We are women seeking to create a community centred brand that contributes to the health and wellbeing of all women. Providing relevant information and products that incorporate elegantly styled choices for the consumption of cannabis, we work to ensure the consumers that visit our page leave informed, confident and feeling sexy.

Dani Pepper - Amorous (Cannabis Infused Lube)Dani Pepper – Amorous

Created specifically for women, Dani Pepper’s amorous Cannabis Lube enhances pleasure through increased tactile sensations while lubricating to increase comfort. If you’re looking for incredible enhanced orgasms, this will be the product that transforms your sex life.

Release Dates: California April 30, 2019 .  Canada October 15, 2019.

Dani Pepper - Ease (Rectal Suppository)


Dani Pepper – Ease 



As women, we may be less likely to talk about these issues but they exist! Our newly formulated 3:1 ratio blend of 50mg:17mg THC:CBD Rectal Suppositories provide quick relief from the ills of many gastrointestinal issues, it packs a full therapeutic punch with heavy pain diminishing effects, nausea reduction, and appetite stimulation. Containing deodorized, refined, organic Cocoa butter infused with Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil and C02 distilled THC Oil, this product is fast, safe, and is sure to significantly “Ease” the pain.

Release Dates: California April 30, 2019.  Canada October 15, 2019.

Dani Pepper - Relief (Menstrual Suppository)Dani Pepper – Relief 

Dani Pepper’s Relief Menstrual Suppositories contain deodorized, refined, 100% organic Coacoa Butter infused with broad spectrum Hemp CBD Oil and C02 distilled THC Oil to ensure you maximum relief when you need it most. With an 8:1 ratio blend of 50mg:6.25mg THC:CBD, these suppositories are extraordinarily effective when it comes to your menstrual pain with an immense reduction in inflammation guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Release dates: California April 30, 2019.  Canada October 15, 2019.